Price List

Here is our complete price and treatment list. If there is a particular brand, or treatment, that is missing from the list, it doesn’t mean we can’t source it for you. Get in touch with us if you think there’s something not listed that we could help you with.


Proven fantastic overall facial rejuvenation and volume.

1 x Session/area £170
4 x Sessions/areas £620
6 x RRS Hair Loss Treatments £600
1 x White Box- Skin Lightening/Brightening

Course of 5 with Serum and Moisturiser



The Perfect Peel

1 Treatment medium depth Medical grade £350

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Enerpeel Skin Peels

1 x Enerpeel £90
4 x Enerpeels £300

Easy TCA Skin Peel 50%      £115


Radiance Skin Peels

1 x Radiance Peel £80
4 x Radiance Peels £280
6 x Radiance Peels £410

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Frown lines, forehead & crows feet.

1 Area £115 (Men £140)
2 Areas £180 (Men £210)
3 Areas £220 (Men £260)
4 Areas £260 (Men £310)
5 Areas £300 (Men £335)

Masseter Toxin

Masseter Toxin £140

Dermapen Micro Needling

Full face or similar sized area £180 smaller areas POA
3 full treatments £480 including patient protocol pre and post treatment creams

PDO Beauty Thread Facial Lifts

Eyebrow Lift Sides, Middle or Inner £350 Normally £750
Eyebrow lift, 2 Areas £500 Normally £900
Full Eyebrow Lift £600 Normally £1100
Crows Feet £350 Normally £500
Crows Feet and Under Eyes £500 Normally £900
Under Eye/Bag Tightening £350 Normally £500
Nose lift £250 Normally £500
Cheek/Nose to Mouth Lines Lift £800 Normally £1500
Jawline/Jowls £750 Normally £1200
Neck £625 Normally £1200
Neck Lift and Under/Double Chin £750 Normally £1350
Neck lift and Jawline/Jowls £900 Normally £2000
Neck,Double Chin and Jawline/Jowls £1200 Normally £2300
Smokers lines £280 Normally £580

Dermal Fillers

Fine/medium/deep wrinkles and to increase lip volume


Cross-linked hyaluronic acid

1 x Juvederm Volift 0.55ml syringe £170
1 x Ultra 1ml syringe (Needs to be ordered in advance)

1 x Ultra Smile 0.55ml syringe



1 x Volbella/Volift/Voluma 1ml syringe £260 New from Juvederm
 1 x Belotero 1ml syringe




1 x 1ml syringe        £180


Lasts up to 2 years

1 x 1ml syringe £300


Teosyal Redensity 2

1 x 1ml     £230


Cheek Volumisation

1 x Perfectha Subskin 1ml syringe £195

Perfectha Deep

1 x 1.0ml syringe   £205

Belotero Volume 1.0ml £240

Radiesse- Lasts approx 12 months.

Facial wrinkles, volume and hand rejuvenation

1 x 0.8ml syringe £180
1 x 1.5ml syringe £300

Juvederm Voluma

Cheek enhancements

1 ml syringe £260
2 x 1ml syringes £500

Liquid Face Lift

Liquid Face Lift POA


Underarms/Palms £300
Feet £280- 360
Face POA – Depends on the size of the area

Intense Pulsed Light

Hair Removal – Upper Lip £40
6x Hair Removal – Upper Lip £200
Hair Removal – 1x Lower Leg/Full Arm £140
Hair Removal – 6x Lower Leg/Full Arm £670
Hair Removal – Standard Bikini or Buttocks £70
Hair Removal – Full Bikini £140
Facial Veins/Age Spots (30 Mins) £75
Skin Rejuvenation – Full Face £145
Skin Rejuvenation – Neck £100
Skin Rejuvenation – Chest £125
Acne Treatment – Full Face £125
Acne Treatment – Chest £125
Acne Treatment – Full Back £200

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Warrington Clinic

Contact our Aesthetics Clinic based on Chester Road in Warringon, for treatments and advice.

Independent Nurse Prescriber

All of our treatments are carried out by Anne-Marie Hughes, our very own practitioner and independent prescriber. Anne-Marie has been in the industry for over 20 years, and with her experience is able to prescribe and perform the most effective anti-ageing, and beauty enhancing treatments.


Oh my God, I've just caught a look of myself in my rear view mirror, I have no frown lines at all. Fantastic.

My Botox and fillers are looking fab, I'm so pleased. Thank You Anne-Marie.

About Skin Deep

Skin Deep is an amazing Aesthetics treatment service devised by Anne-Marie Hughes. Anne-Marie has 23 years nursing experience, as a fully qualified and experienced aesthetic nurse practitioner.

Holding a BSc (Hons) Nurse Practitioner degree and, as an independent nurse prescriber, she is able to fully consult, prescribe and treat male and female clients holistically.

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